The Skincare Item You Need Right Now

Okay, okay-we ditched our loofah years ago due to the heinous crime against humanity it does to our skin. I’m talking micro-scratches filled with shower germs. YUCK. Since then I swore to never ever go back to any type of exfoliation sponge. (I can really hold a grudge) But bygones be bygones because the tool you need right now to achieve the pore less, gorgeous skin of your dreams has a cousin in your kitchen sink. ;-P

But please, don’t actually use the sponge from your kitchen. The facial sponge is a small cellulose sponge that’s biodegradable (yay!) and reusable. You know GOTG is all about good for you and your wallet. Ok.. so why am I using a sponge on my face? I’ll tell you. The exfoliation from the sponge sloughs off dead cells in a hygienic and gentle way. Translation: safe.

It’s no secret, exfoliation is key. Key to a good spray tan, key to great hair, key to good digestion (imho) and key to skin care. Think about it-your products don’t have x-ray vision-they can’t work through what’s blocking their path. (That’s why we apply them in a certain order.) Thus, a gentle slough off the old to let in the new is prime-time perfect for your face.

But why is it different than a scrub? Great question! I love that you know so much already! Here’s the major difference-while a scrub can get the gunk off it doesn’t stimulate new cellular growth. Think of it like this-the sponge is a cleanser scrub and massage all in one. The scrub is…well…just a scrub. (No hate)

So how do you use it? With your fav gentle cleanser (never a scrub!) work in circular motions around your face and neck. Wash thoroughly-with a mild soap and let dry. I like to replace mine once a week. Just because we’re outside a bit more doesn’t mean we need to let dirt, grime, and sweat take up permanent residency in our pores. Make sure to take before and after pics to really see the difference! And PS. The Loofah isn’t even a sponge. It’s made from a gourd. S0o0o0ooo there’s that.



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